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In very short period, Larson Tiles managed to earn huge reputation and popularity in the industry just because of the fact that it achieved to satisfy the exact needs of clients.We have Well managed Marketing & Distribution Channel for even distribution of our manufactured tiles nationally and in Overseas Market. We deliver excellent customer service and that what helped us in creating success and a niche presence in the industry as notable manufacturers of Indian tiles.

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Ceramic Brilliance for Every Room

  • Matt Floor Tiles
  • Wood Floor Tiles
  • Wooden strip tiles
  • Fusion Surface floor tiles
  • Stone floor tiles
  • Stone floor tiles
  • High GLoss
  • Carving
  • Glossy
  • Endless
  • Matt



What We Do

Eco Commitment

At Larson Tiles, we prioritize the environment with every tile we produce. Our processes and products are a testament to our green philosophy, meeting stringent ecological standards.

Precision Imaging

Larson Tiles brings designs to life with state-of-the-art digital printing from Germany, ensuring each tile boasts vivid colors and crystal-clear imagery.

Innovation Hub

Our commitment to research and development breaks new ground in tile design. Larson Tiles is where original ideas meet practical application, transforming spaces innovatively.

Artistic Selection

Explore the art of choice with Larson Tiles’ vast selection. Our catalogue promises a design for every preference, guaranteeing your space its unique flair.

Catalogue Variety

Larson Tiles prides itself on its expansive selection, catering to diverse tastes and projects. We don't just follow trends; we set them, with exceptional service to boot.

Global Reach

As a leading exporter, Larson Tiles bridges continents with its premium tiling solutions. From Asia to the world, we are your global partner in building beautiful spaces.

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Where Surfaces Meet Artistry

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Export to Global Markets

We are delighted to have our products exported to some of the countries on our planet. We have a very flawless and streamlined process that ensures uninterrupted and timely delivery across the globe. With utmost dedication, smart work, and honesty: our products are now known by their brand name and enjoy popularity. Our smart packaging makes sure that the tiles are reaching their destination. Moreover, an expert's eye is always there to ensure that the process is working smoothly.

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